What is third fix carpentry?

Most of the work I do revolves around fixing doors and windows.  Draught proofing them is often what people come to me for but the door or window in question is often malfunctioning.  It usually has some form of wear or damage that is stopping it from performing it’s primary function thus creating the draughts in the first place.

In the field of woodworking there are many people doing many different jobs.  When it comes to building houses Carpenters are usually the first people on the site, and the last to leave.  What that says about our work ethic I’ll leave to your own imagination!

First fix carpentry is the very frame work of the building.  Stud walls, floor joists, stairs, and of course the roof;  complete with purlins, rafters, and struts.  It is then time for us to sit down, have a brew and watch the electricians, plasterers, and decorators get to work.

Second fix carpentry is the making good after the other trades have done their stuff and turned our bare shall into a habitable, cosy place to be.  It consists of item you touch on a daily basis, the finishing touches and forms the way you interact with your home.


Third fix carpentry, as I call it, is where I come in.  Doors and windows are often the most used woodwork in a house; save for the stairs and floors.  They are the moving parts and are as essential as the shoes on your feet.  We all know how much of an effect poorly fitted shoes can have on our day and yet these are the most common items you find not working correctly in a house.

But a door or window working incorrectly can’t be that bad can it? Well it can actually. The window that does not seal will let a significant amount of cold air past it into your home.  The door that doesn’t fit the doorway will allow it to blow about your house chilling your toes and creating cold spots on the walls.  When the warm moist air from showering and cooking finds these cold spots it will drop out and create damp problems.  This will then slowly rot out the woodwork and before you know it you have a building needing major repairs – not to mention the size of your heating bills, or the woolly jumper you need to keep warm!

So does it matter that the door doesn’t quite fit? Surely it’s only superficial that the window doesn’t quite close all the way? You can have the best solution to a problem in the world, but if it’s inconvenient – it won’t get used.  And we use our houses every single day.  My goal is to deliver working, draught proofed doors and windows to keep you, and your home, warm and safe.  And that, I think, is a worthwhile endeavour.

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